The Classic Chinoiserie at your Dining Table

Although it may seem obvious to depict that the Chinese originated the popularity of the Classic Chinoiserie Design, in actual fact, it was the French!

The French back in the 17th and 18th centuries we totally infatuated and fascinated by all things Asian.  Their intricate paintings and use of cobalt blue flavoured their inspiration to create Chinoiserie designs of their own and with predictable French style a multitude of versions are common in Porcelain, Wallpaper and Fabric design that many Interiors Designer have the honour of working with. 

Although intricate in design, the Classic Chinoiserie is considered a blank canvas to Interior Designers.  Common to many now the Chinoiserie works it’s magic when particularly co-ordinated with other patterns and geometrics. 

Let’s put that principal to work on the Dining Table!

Individually hand-painted by talented Artisans, the Figs & Feta Mini Ginger Jars come in a box set of 6 each with its own unique design.  A perfect place setting ornament and table decoration. 

In love with Spots and Stripes I layered them together to achieve a well-decorated Home Interiors look.   

Fresh flowers are beautiful and equally as beautiful are great quality faux and dried flowers.  Just as the Chinoise design tells so many stories as does the Hydrangea flower and what better place than the centre of the table to tell that story creating your runner.   The printed fabric colourfully outlines the place setting, the knotted napkin creates a casualness to the setting whilst the rattan charger underlays the Beaded Collection dining ware balancing every element.  

A Table Scape decorated with your favourite pieces IS the perfect Table Scape!

What makes this world a beautiful place and let’s say very interesting is that each of us is loaded with a love for different things and when you allow yourself to share those things your creativity will come creeping out!  

Arrrgh, I can already hear you say “I would never have thought of putting those together”!  Guess what, neither did I until I picked up my Chinoiserie Birds and the Mini Ginger Jars.

Chinoiserie prints in tow, the Birds and Ginger Jars were nestled between the Eucalyptus foliage and dried flowers as the centre piece runner.  The balance is set with the Marine Grosgrain Ribbon tied to the Mini Ginger Jar on the casual denim napkin creating a Country style setting.

The delightful Paper Flower meets Chinoiserie!

Linens, dusted colours pretty flowers resonate a typical French Country style.  The Paper Flower who’s character, texture and colour all changes as it becomes dried was a perfect selection to fill the Laurent Bowl as the centrepiece.  To decorate a large table, place a bowl either side of two place settings and repeat for the length of the table.    

Casually knotted the pink linen napkin showcases the colours in the Clarence House designer fabric tablecloth whilst the Mini Ginger Jars layers detail.  Freshness is added to this setting by with the Siena Grosgrain Ribbon and the Crown Cutlery.                                                           

All my favourites put together with LOVE!

Magnolia’s and Boxwood! A beautiful backdrop to the Mini Ginger Jars illuminating the Chinoiserie design, particularly with the cheeky Olive Green Dots Grosgrain Ribbon.

From my style to yours, free yourself with the need to perfect your table-scape. Perfection comes your way when you follow your heart.  Your love for colours, textures and special pieces is the answer. 

Happy Styling my Friends! 

Editor Kim La Ferla adds Wild Orange to her morning rituals!

In the midst of all the everyday life hustle and bustle and taking care of our loved ones in every which way  we possibly can, we forget to take of the one most important person! 

Let’s face it, between work, kids and their activities, partners, cooking, shopping and cleaning we neglect to take care of ourselves.  I’m the first to admit taking ‘me time’ has come with its fair share of internal battles.  

No, I should do the shopping first, no I cook first, no I’ll do that photoshoot, no I’ll water the garden first, no I’ll, no I’ll no I’ll and my list never ends in fact it always gets longer.  Always feeling guilty for not doing something for others first until burn out day arrives!

Can I tell you after years of mindset training and listening to hundreds of inflight instructions, I finally have accepted ‘me time’ is the most important part of my day.  

To ensure ‘me time’ is never missed I wake well before the family.  The person I am is at peace knowing that my family are restfully sleeping, I know they are safe and in peculiar a way I am still taking good care of them.

“‘In the event of the Oxygen Masks releasing from the ceiling, place your mask on first before attending to others”.

So my morning rituals begin, I drink a glass of water, rebound for 20 minutes (another story) most days, spend at least 20 minutes of reading and then my favourite, making my breakfast before taking my vitamins.  Thanks to a very special person who introduced me to Hot Pilates Classes, Yin Yoga and Hot Flow Yoga (that’s another story!), I wake up quite hungry.  

I reach out for my beautiful ‘Planche Petite’ serving board and start compiling breakfast in the perfect sized Beaded Collection Fruit Bowl.  Oats, coconut, seeds, greek yoghurt and whatever I feel that morning gets all stacked on top of each other, then top with a little maple syrup (shh), cinnamon and then a few drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil

Why Wild Orange? 

Wild Oranges are full of life-giving energy and taste that possess stimulating and purifying qualities to improve mood, fatigue and mental clarity making it ideal to support healthy immune system function. 

Top Uses:

  • Insomnia and Stress
  • Heartburn and Sluggish Bowels
  • Scurvy and Colds
  • Menopause 
  • Depression , Fear, Anxiety and Irritability
  • Lack of Energy, Creativity and Productivity
  • Concentration
  • Detox and Regeneration 
  • Digestive Upset due to Anxiety
  • Cooking
  • Emotional Balance

And did you know, the scent of wild orange oil was seen as a symbol of good luck in ancient China.  People filled their homes with the aroma of fresh-peeled Wild Oranges in the hope of bringing prosperity to their doorstep!  

…Wild Orange is amongst one of the oils I burn stimulating the air in my office through out the day and which aids to reduce anxiety that may arise.  That is after I burn my Incense, another ritual I have before commencing my day in the office, a very personal yet such a beautiful part of my day I will share with you at the right time..and another story!

Thank you, Caroline, your knowledge in the qualities of Essential Oils and benefits alongside your passion to change peoples lives inspires me to live a more natural life!  

How POWERFUL is saying “I appreciate you”?

Surround yourself with people who know your worth.  You don’t need to know to many people to be happy, just a few real ones who appreciate you for exactly who you are!

‘I appreciate you’ because you have been there through the good times, the great times and all the times in between. 

‘I appreciate you’ because you pick me up when I am feeling down.

‘I appreciate you’ because you cheer my every triumph and me feel on top of the world. 

‘I appreciate you’ because when you tell me my hair is looking a little past its used by date I know you only want the best for me. 

‘I appreciate you’ because we can continue a conversation where it left off a year later and it still feels like yesterday. 


The most called-upon prerequisite of a friend is an accessible ear!

– Maya Angelou – 

‘I appreciate you’ because although I might not see you as often as I’d like too I know I am always in your heart. 

‘I appreciate you’ because our hearts know when we truly need to connect with each other. 

‘I appreciate you because only you see potential in me not jealousy. 

‘I appreciate you because you are the only office I don’t need to make an appointment for me to tell me exactly what I need.

‘I appreciate you because you fill me with unconditional love from near and far. 

‘I appreciate you because we can do stupid things and laugh at each other. 

‘I appreciate you because you are my full time shopping assistant.

Issue 2 Mont du Soleil celebrations with delicious recipes from the cookbooks ‘Simple Food and Sumptuous Feats’ and My Shared Table by Kathy Tsaples

‘I appreciate you’ because you make my family yours. 

‘I appreciate you’ because I only need to call your name and you instantly know I need you.

‘I appreciate you’ because you tell the truth when telling a lie would be so much easier. 

‘I appreciate you’ because regardless of what I look like you are willing to be with me in public.

‘I appreciate you’ because we could be together and be silent and that’s ok too. 

‘I appreciate you’ because we can talk about stuff, stuff that grosses other people out.

‘I appreciate you’ because you have no judgement only recommendations.

‘I appreciate you’ because you see light when I see dark.


Issue 2  ‘The HALVA CAKE’ one of the delicious recipe  from the cookbooks ‘Simple Food and Sumptuous Feats’ and My Shared Table by Kathy Tsaples

So, lets answer the question, ‘how POWERFUL is appreciation’?…..VERY POWERFUL

When such friendship is so special, tell them ‘you APPRECIATE them’!  When is NOW a perfect time to send that special friend gift as a Random Act of Kindness.  Just imagine the smile on their face and the little happy daggy dance they’d perform as they open your package in absolute surprise, knowing that someone has taking the time out to think about them and for no other reason than ‘APPRECIATION’ for the Friendship you both are blessed with’.

Figs & Feta has the PERFECT gift! The Figs & Feta Magazine is curated by Founder and Editor Kim La Ferla with absolute perfection to every detail in Inspiration, Design and Empowerment.  A magazine dedicated to creating courage, abundance and happiness, isn’t that what we all need?

For a limited time and whilst stocks last send the friend/friends who you Appreciate a Figs & Feta Magazine Bundle, celebrating the launch of Issue 1 & 2 for only $14.95.  And because STYLE is our nature we will beautifully gift wrap it for you with a short message and have it delivered to their door!

Giving cannot be any more simple than this!