A little of FRANCE in the Dandenongs

Experience the wonders of ancient European time at the magnificent Mont du Soliel property in Emerald, Australia

Mont du Soleil, which means Mountain of the Sun, is the third house the couple has built and, according to Robert, ‘definitely the last’.  Set on 40 acres and facing due north, the house is often bathed in sunlight.

The story of Mont du Soleil is one of serendipity.  Having already lived in the area for many years, it was an encounter with the property’s previous owner that began the Stygall’s latest chapter.  ‘I used to walk our dog along the road fronting the existing property and used to jokingly say to the Farmer who owned it, “if you ever want to sell this, let me know”.  And one day, he did.’

Robert and Liz Stygall have created a homestead that has a timeless elegance and ambience.

This Provencal-cum-Tuscan style abode is located on the north-facing property and has spectacular panoramic views of the Warburton Ranges and Yarra Valley

Robert and Liz have created a homestead that has a timeless ambience.  This has in part been achieved with the extensive use of recycled materials.  For example, the massive structural posts and beams are ex-bridge timbers from Gippsland and are over a hundred years old

For a home that was built less than two decades ago, what’s remarkable about Mont du Soleil and its cluster of outbuildings including rental accommodation ‘Sunrise Cottage‘, is its seamless and ancient look and feel.

With Robert’s background in energy and an ardent interest in low-energy design, he was drawn to the high thermal mass that mudbrick construction provides.  The house takes advantage of the northern orientation to provide passive heating, which means that it stores heat from the sun in the winter.  Conversely, mudbrick keeps the house comfortably cool in summer, as it evens out day and night temperature variations. 

The property abounds with some outstanding architectural detail.  For example, wrought iron fencing and bluestone come from the old Melbourne Cemetery and timber from an old railway station in Western Australia is used in the bucolic stable-like garage. 

There’s even a traditional church bell that originally came from Northern Victoria.  It has been run on multiple special occasions including on their daughter’s and friend’s wedding days. 

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