Blue & White for the Christmas Table!

There is something about Blue & White that so many people love. Is it the freshness of the Blue and White or is it the story that Blue and White ceramics tell?

As an Interior Decorator, Blue and White is still a huge favourite of mine although used in so many of the spaces I decorated. It was always so easy to place, it added character and at times became the artwork because of the intricate story each piece told.

In decorating although patterned Blue and White acts as a neutral background giving us the opportunity to contrast our favourite colours particularly for our Christmas dining inspiration.

Blue and White with White Flowers
Styled by Kim La Ferla
Decor by

A simple way to contrast the Blue and White is the use of fresh flowers for the Christmas Table. Evenly spaced in the centre of the table I’ve used Melmaison Ginger Jars as vases.
Your selection and colour of flowers are a perfect reflection of your personality. I take any opportunity to be a little extravagant and Christmas for me is an ideal time!
Everyone loves to be and feel spoilt. Being around such beautiful decor and the colours of nature genuinely make you feel special, and so elevates the happiness in the room.
By now you must know I truly LOVE FANCY!

Blue and White with Pink Flowers
Styled by Kim La Ferla
Decor and Diningware by

In decorating we often layer to create depth and detail. On the Christmas table layering creates excitement.
I’ve run the gorgeous white linen, and lace handmade table mats vertically instead of horizontally and dropping them off the end of the table to accentuate your guest’s unique space.
At the same time, the placemats become an interval table runner as they meet towards the middle of the table. I’ve opted not to use a tablecloth to allow the beauty and colour of the dining table top to add depth and character.
Continuing the layers, I’ve set out the gorgeous Beaded Collection tableware range by Figs & Feta separated with a linen napkin and topped with the amazing place name card.

Blue and White with Lime Green Flowers
Styled by Kim La Ferla
Decor and Diningware by

Making your guest feel even more special is the ‘Keep Sake’ table name. The Blue & White Porcelain Ginger Jar Decoration is a gift that they will hold onto forever and could be a part of their next Christmas Tree!
Christmas is a beautiful time of year to take the time to share with your guests what they truly mean to you.
At the back of the name card, I’ve let “Danielle” know in one word what she means to me and what I see in her…Courage!

Blue & White with Ribbons
Styled by Kim La Ferla
Decor and Diningare by

Finally, beautiful ribbon adds yet another layer to your festive decorations.
To give the room more movement and FANCY, I place beautiful ribbons around so many decorative pieces on festive occasions. Cake stands, vases, birdcages, you name it!
The choice in colour of ribbon is a fantastic way to tie in all your decorations to make a well-decorated room.

Enjoy taking the time to decorate your Christmas Festivities.
Wishing you and your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019.
Much LOVE, Kim La Ferla