TIMELESS elegance and SYMMETRY in perfection!

Have you ever walked into a room and it just felt so right?

It may just be the colour scheme and the selection of furnishings, but maybe it’s because the symmetry in the room gives you feelings of stability, calmness and luxury. Asymmetry is also important in decorating your home, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Symmetry, the balance of elements, is easy to process at first sight and therefore makes it easier for your brain to grasp the flavour of a room at a glance. 

While talking with Resident Interior Designer Joanne Motee, planning and designing Interior Articles for upcoming issues of our Figs & Feta Magazine, I instantly noticed that her Hawthorn Estate project signifies TIMELESS elegance, glamour and SYMMETRY in perfection.

Interior Designer Joanne Motee @joannemotee Photography by: Edmund Bourrilhon
Symmetry is often used to cleverly create sitting areas within larger spaces. Joanne has used two ornate crystal lamps with custom-made shades behind a velvet upholstered, sofa to draw attention from the coffee table to the spectacular outside view. The luxurious interlined curtains accompanied by the luxurious cushions create the perfect frame for the symmetrical sitting room.

‘An Interior is the natural projection of the SOUL’


Interior Designer Joanne Motee @joannemotee Photography by: Edmund Bourrilhon
Even a room abundant in detail retains its calmness with perfectly balanced symmetry. The jacquard upholstered armchairs on either side of the cherrywood side table delightfully cast your attention to the brass-footed accessories and then beyond to the serene view behind. Collectively, the sofa in symmetry with the armchairs surrounding the coffee table create the hub of the room.

‘There is always a left and right to a centre’



Interior Designer Joanne Motee @joannemotee Photography by: Edmund Bourrilhon

I love the grandeur of SYMMETRY and the emotions its inspires in a room.

When designing the home decor for Figs & Feta, symmetry contributes to the bigger picture of a completely decorated room.

In our current collection, the Provincial Urn was definitely designed with symmetry in mind. Grand in size with a gaze-capturing white crackled reflective finish, this piece makes a statement that brings dimension, warmth and calm all at the same time.

The Melmaison Ginger Jars hand-painted in our very own signature print are art pieces and most definitely conversation starters, particularly when used in symmetry. The Melmaison range will continue to grow in different shapes and sizes to create your own blue and white collection.
Our Laurent Collection, perfectly and purposefully aged, gives off a lovely feeling for everyone to enjoy in every room. Indoors or outdoors, these pieces will bring warmth, love and sophistication to your rooms.

In Issue 1, Joanne Motee shares a glimpse of the greatness yet to come as Resident Interior Designer.

Issue 2 celebrates:
‘Art in Dining & Apartment Wonderland’ by Joanne Motee
‘Styled Unleashed’ by Aaron Wong
I love simple and I love FANCY!

Decorate, ENJOY and LOVE the luxuries LIFE. Let your creativity run wild….it’s your gift!

With much LOVE,
Kim La Ferla
Founder – figsandfeta.com.au
Editor – Figs & Feta Lifestyle Magazine