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Opportunity NOW OPEN! 

So many of us have so much to say about technology—some good and some not so good. Despite all the challenges attached to raising a young family, with social media and all the other rooha, I strongly feel we are fortunate to be living now, in 2019. This is a time where we all have the freedom to create and share our passions around the world using platforms that have never existed before.

Social media surely has its ups and downs, but the reality is, we can harness that power to unite the Figs & Feta family. Being able to share images that inspire you with meaningful messages to then having conversations with people you have never met before is simply a beautiful and humbling phenomenon. Bless my Mum, at 81 she thinks it’s spooky, while Dad thinks it’s the ‘ant’s pants’ and often questions what his life would have been like if he had been blessed with these opportunities in his younger years. That certainly raises food for thought!

The talent and passion shared on these platforms by so many extraordinary people astounds me and gets my creative juices flowing. As a foodie at heart, I instantly gravitate to the images of immaculately styled food that make me just want to dig into the delicious dishes.

Beyond all the fancy  photography techniques,  however, what I truly see  deep down is talent bursting at the  seams, yearning to make a mark in  the world by sharing their passion! 

‘Flavours of Figs & Feta’ Volume  One is now in progress. A collaboration of six cooks encapsulated into one cookbook, this book is designed to kick-start the beginning of their culinary dreams as a Co-Author. My founding mission for Figs & Feta was to consistently create opportunities that would have otherwise never come about, creating happy people all around. I am beyond thrilled about this new opportunity that awaits you. 

I extend a warm invitation to you, a friend of yours or your family member whose life’s passion is living the culinary dream to connect and learn more about the opportunities that lie within the ‘Flavours of Figs & Feta’ in the upcoming volumes.