Sweet Greek Life, the second book by Melbourne’s
Godmother of Greek cookery, Kathy Tsaples, celebrates life,
a cherished past and future promise.
Sweet Greek Life is a book to use, full of recipes that will
quickly become a part of your repertoire.
This beautiful book, a collection of 116 traditional dishes
updated for contemporary feasting, tells the story of the
cuisine Kathy grew up with and her love affair with Greek
food and culture. It is food from her heart-simple, high
quality and delicious.

Flavours are bold, ingredients are accessible, and sweet
and savoury dishes ranging from Feta Loukoumades with
Honey to Wood-Fired Goat are stylishly interpreted with
Kathy’s characteristic modern approach. Classics receive
stunning makeovers, Western favourites are given a
Hellenic twist and all are easily achieved. Home cooks
and chefs alike will be impressed by the photography and
styling of this exciting collection.

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